Engage Community Church

The Woman At The Well

In the final message in our Good News Stories series, we look at how Jesus used a divine appointment with an outcast to make an impact in the world.

Three Perspectives

The Samaritan Woman
  • She was an outcast.
  • She was living a sinful life.
  • She was spiritually receptive
  • In the end, her life is transformed. God used her to transform a whole city.
The Disciples
  • They are puzzled and worried.
  • They are judgments
  • In the end, they are taught a critical lesson.
  • He is on a mission
    • “Divine Appointments”
  • Because Love
    • He engages the woman regardless of risk and convention.
    • He calls her on her sin
  • He shows her Grace and Truth.
  • In the end, Jesus brings salvation to her and to the city.

The Good News

  • Jesus seeks out the outcast.
  • Jesus loves you enough to call you on your sin. (Is this okay with you?)
  • Jesus offers you a life of Grace and Truth. (Which God do you want? One of grace, truth or the God of both.)
  • Jesus uses the smallest and weakest to do the greatest and strongest things. Jesus wants to impact the World through You!