Engage Community Church

The Preeminence of Truth

We live in a world that is getting progressively worse. It is impossible for humanity to make it a better place. It is becoming more and more depraved and will only be made better and new when Jesus returns. That is the Cold. Hard. Truth.

The good news is, that we have a blessed hope. We have the Good News of the gospel of grace and truth. Jesus has come to give us life and to justify us. The Holy Spirit is actively transforming our depraved minds by guiding us in all truth. We have eternal life both now and for eternity, having been adopted as sons and daughters of God, by the will of God himself!

In his last words to the Roman church, Paul warns them to guard themselves against the forces and messages of this world. He tells them to be on the lookout for false teachers who would deceive them and lead them to forfeit the truth they have found and embraced. His message is no less important for us today.