Engage Community Church

Our Personalities

Personalities and Our New Life
Personality is a big part of our image.
We are uniquely made and shaped.
Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator
  • 16 Personalities
    • E N F P
    • I S. T J
  • E – Extrovert (or) I – Introvert
  • N – Intuitive (or) S – Sensing
  • F – Feeling (or) T – Thinking
  • P – Perceiving (or) J – Judging
Which one is Jesus? All of them! He can relate to everyone as they need to.
How is this all useful?
  1. Helps you understand others and what they need. Once you know what they need you can engage with them in a better, more helpful way.
  2. Helps you understand yourself. This helps you get along with yourself and know what it is you need.
  3. Helps us communicate with God.
  4. Helps you become a better Ambassador for Christ (A better Engager)
We don’t have to do it all. The Holy Spirit will work through us, but we have to let it.
God creates us and endows us with Passions (Gifts), Personalities, and a Path that He wants us to use to further His kingdom and glorify Him.