Engage Community Church

Our Path

How God uses our experiences to Design us to Engage.
We need to understand 2 concepts:
  1. The Revealed Will of God
  2. The Sovereign Will of God
The story of Joseph: Genesis 37-50
Joseph’s troubles were:
  1. Self-inflicted
  2. Unjust / Unfair
What do we do when we face real crises?
  1. Understand God is with you and is ready to help
  2. Talk with God about it
  3. Listen to God
  4. Guard your heart (Don’t fight God)
  5. Obey God
  6. Trust God
There is purpose in everything you experience.
God’s Purposes
  1. His Glory
  2. Our Best
  3. Design us to Engage

It is in the hardest parts of your life that you will fully experience what God has in store for you.