Engage Community Church

Our Purpose

At Engage Community Church we communicate this through our Mission Statement: We exist to bring people to life in Christ … Because Love!
Let’s break down our Mission Statement into three parts:

“to bring people”

  • It’s not let people come to us, we have to be intentional in inviting people to come with us to church.
  • We need to understand people and our culture. Many Christians forget what it was like before they knew Jesus.
  • This can only happen is we do 2 things:
    • Fall madly and deeply in love with Jesus
    • If we love each other as Jesus taught us to.

“to life in Christ”

  • Jesus loves us too much to leave us dead in our sins.
  • Life in Christ is not just about eternity. It’s that we get to have life with Christ now. We have hope in Jesus, who brings us hope and peace and joy.
  • It’s about our relationship with Jesus. When we truly get to know Him no one remains unchanged.
  • How do we invest in our relationship with Jesus?
    • Our 4 Marks of Discipleship:
      • Quiet Times/Devotional Times with God
      • Church attendance/Biblical community
      • Small Group Fellowship (Journey Groups)
      • Serving in the Church (Time, Talent, Tithe)
“Because Love”
  • The idea of Engage Community Church started because love.
  • God initiates a love relationship with us.
  • We have a mission from God. We are His vehicle for those who are lost to find Him. You may be the only piece of God and the gospel people may experience in their lives.
  • We don’t do this to grow our church or save the world. We do all of this to glorify God.
Do we trust our guide? Do we trust Jesus? If you are alive in Christ then you are designed to engage.
How has God equipped me to bring others to life in Christ… because love?
Can we commit to something?
I will see and follow His leading.