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Misunderstood Goodness

Sometimes people do things that we don’t understand and because we don’t understand we can miss out on the good news that comes from what people have done. That’s the case in our Good News Story about Mary and her alabaster jar of nard, which we find in Mark 14:3-9.

Three perspectives:

  • She has insight into who Jesus is.
  • She honors Jesus with the anointing, because Jesus was worth her all.
  • Jesus was worth the extravagant risk to her.
  • In the end, she is honored by Jesus.
The Disciples
  • They were indignant because they lacked understanding. They missed the larger point to Mary’s action.
  • One had an ulterior motive. Judas was indignant because he would lose out on money he would have stolen if the nard had been sold.
  • In the end, they missed the opportunity to understand Jesus would only be with them a short time.
  • He receives the gift. He wasn’t ashamed to be lavished upon.
  • He defends the extravagance.
  • In the end, He honors the giver.

The Good News:

  1. Jesus is honored by and values your sacrifices.
  2. What others criticize, Jesus commends and defends.