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As we head into the Christmas season, it’s fitting we wrap up this Navigators message series, which has been focused on some of the key women in the Bible, with Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

We find Mary’s story in Luke 1:23-38.

The mythology of Mary.
  1. Was she sinless? No. Romans 3:23 (All have fallen short…) God came to us through a sinner.
  2. Did she remain a virgin? Nope. Jesus had brothers and sisters.
  3. Can you pray to her and will she answer? Yes & No. Praying to her is no different than praying to anyone other than God.
Mary is not made more special by these myths. In fact, she is more special without them.
Mary didn’t shy away from what God had in store for her. “I am your servant.”
What can we learn from Mary?
She is more than a believer. She is a disciple. It’s easy to be a believer. But truly following Him is hard.
  1. She listens and obeys. What’s my response when God asks something of me?
  2. She lets God mess up her life. This pregnancy creates big problems for her. She’s engaged and her betrothed isn’t the father of this child. Joseph could have had Mary publicly shunned and divorced.
What is our response to God? Do we let him mess up our lives? Are we disciples or just believers?
  1. She receives the LORD.
V. 35 The Holy Spirit will “come upon” you. Eperchomai: to “arrive” or “invade” or “engage”.
What is our response to God this Christmas? Will we let God arrive, engage and invade us this Christmas.
Let’s go beyond belief this Christmas.