Engage Community Church


Impossible Mission

Is Marriage an impossible mission? We’ll look at what the Bible does and does not say about it, why it’s so important to God, and how to overcome the most common hindrances to living the dream in our marriages.

Who We Are & How That Affects Us

James describes the war that goes on in the heart of believers. As we wrap up the Great Ideas series, we explore how God has put us together and is preparing us for ultimate victory.

What Causes Quarrels Among Us?

Ever wonder why some relationships are so contentious? Why do we fight and argue so much? James has the answers and some great ideas about how to stop fighting WITH each other and start fighting FOR each other.

Watch Your Mouth!

It can be so difficult to bite your tongue. Join us as we continue our message series in the book of James and hear why our mouth is the hardest thing to master.

How Deep Is Your Love?

How Deep Is Your Love? Anybody recognize that song title? That’s a question lovers have been asking of one another since the beginning of time. We tackle that question as we dive deeper into Chapter 2 of the Book of James.

Living In Big Brother’s Shadow

Have you ever lived in someone’s shadow? Imagine living in Jesus’s shadow your entire life. That’s where we begin our look at the book of James in our Great Ideas message series.

Membership Sunday

On June 24, 2018, we talked about Engage Community Church, what membership means, and how it moves us forward together.

God Is … True

In the final message of this “God Is …” series, Pastor Dale take a look at the truth that God Is … TRUE!

God Is … With Us

Have you ever felt like God was nowhere to be found? Check out how we can know that God is with us, and how that makes all the difference in how we live our lives.