Engage Community Church


God Is … With Us

Have you ever felt like God was nowhere to be found? Check out how we can know that God is with us, and how that makes all the difference in how we live our lives.

God Is … Love

What is genuine love? What does it actually look like? Pastor Dale examines those questions as we revisit our God Is … message series.

Elisabeth Elliot

She’s been called the most influential Christian woman of the 20th century. Find out why as we wrap up our modern Navigators message series.

Eric Liddell

Can you imagine being remembered most for what you didn’t do? That’s just the beginning of Eric Liddell’s story. Find out more in this week’s message.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

A pastor, prophet, soldier and spy, Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s life stands as a beacon for us to follow as we follow Christ. Learn more in the 2nd message in our Modern Navigators series.

Fanny Crosby

We can learn a lot from modern Navigators. We revisit this popular message series by examining the life of Fanny Crosby.

The War for Our Soul

Did you know there is a war for our souls? Are you prepared? Find out how in the final message of our New Life series.

The Battle For Your Heart

In the second message of our New Life series, Pastor Evan shows us how we can win the battle for our hearts.

The Battle For Your Mind

Where does our New Life come from and how do we get it? We find out in the first message of our “New Life” series.