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Update 3/18/2020

Good afternoon, Engage family!

What a time we are living in. Our normal daily lives are being interrupted like never before, but we also have opportunities we’ve never had before. Opportunities to be salt and light and to encourage one another!

We want to make you aware of how we are handling things moving forward for the foreseeable future as we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic.

Worship Gatherings: We will be live-streaming our messages on Sundays as usual through Facebook Live. We encourage you to join us at 10:00 each Sunday morning. While watching, you can encourage each other and say hello through commenting during the stream. It will be good to see that we are together, so comment and say hello!

We will not be livestreaming singing, but will still be releasing our worship “playlist” during the week through the email and on Facebook. We encourage you to sing along with the playlist during the week and on Sunday mornings before or after the livestream.  “He who sings, prays twice!” – Martin Luther

Giving: While we are meeting online, we still have bills and responsibilities in the real world. In the interest of continuing to be good stewards and to proclaim your dependence and trust in God, we encourage you to continue giving. You can do this one of two ways –
1) Mail your tithes and offerings to the church at:
               Engage Community Church
               PO Box 431
               Bel Air, MD 21014

2) Drop off your gifts with Pastor Evan, or arrange for him to pick it up from you.

Men’s and Women’s Book Study: We are working on rolling out an online option for these groups to meet. The men are scheduled to meet on Saturday morning and the women on the 27th. In the next couple of days, we will send out more detailed information, as well as invites to join online for our virtual meetings. As long as you have internet access, you will be able to join us online.

Be Salt and Light: We encourage you to show Christ to your friends, family, neighbors, and each other. Check in on other via phone, email, skype, and social media. Run errands for elderly family and neighbors. Look for ways to be a blessing. Be “social media positive” by sharing words of encouragement and giving testimonies to the goodness and sovereignty of God. Turn off the news and noise occasionally and enjoy your time as a family. Focus on the numbers of people who have and are recovering. Work. Play. Sing. Worship. Pray. Praise. Tell others why you have hope.

  Remember, God is still in control. He isn’t surprised, and we can trust Him to care for us and to receive the glory he is due even through Covid-19.
We are all in this together, and it is well with our souls!

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