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In Search of Discipleship

                Discipleship is a peculiar word. While it is common in the realm of the Church, it is not easy to pin down. If you were to ask ten different people to explain discipleship, you could very well end up with ten different explanations. This is problematic.
                The job of the Church, according to Jesus, is to make disciples. He gives some specific items for us to do regarding this: baptizing and teaching. This seems simple enough until you look at the actual structure of the sentence that we read in Matthew 28. Jesus says, “Make disciples…” and we are to baptize and teach those disciples. Clearly there is more to the equation.  Baptism and teaching are not a two-point checklist to completion of the job, they are parts of the job.
                The Church struggles to stay on mission. In my experience consulting churches who are attempting to revitalizing and refocusing their ministries, it was common to find clarity on the fact that we are to make disciples. What was rarely found was an understanding of how to do it. Commonly, there was the idea of more classes and more tasks, as if one more Sunday school class or a Bible reading plan was the key to discipleship. Often those who affirmed the Great Commission had no plan or process to achieve it.
                There is a possibility that your own discipleship has been stunted. Perhaps you find yourself frustrated and wondering if there is something more. Perhaps you are happy that following Jesus is an important part of your life, and rarely requires much of you. Perhaps you have checked all the boxes on church membership and feel a sense of accomplishment. Any of the three of these reveals that you have not yet understood what it is to be a disciple of Jesus.
                Here at Engage, we say we exist to bring people to life in Christ, because love. This is simply the way we describe the mission of God to make disciples. This year, we will be working to move forward in that pursuit. We will be developing our process to make sure we are on mission. It starts with defining what a disciple even is. As we start a new year, I hope that you will join me on this journey towards Christ and the life he desires for each of us.

Pastor Evan

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