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A Gift Fit for the King

               We are entering the Christmas season and with that comes a singular and warranted focus on the birth of Jesus, our Messiah. We will hear the story again, the King of Kings, came and took on the very low form of a baby. What’s more, he was not born in a castle, but in a place reserved for animals. His first bed was not a soft pillowed bassinet, but a feed trough. His first attendants were not palace staff, but dirty shepherds. His birth was not celebrated by royalty but met with jealousy and death.
So it was that Jesus came to be our Savior. The baby in Bethlehem, would be the Passover lamb. He would live to bring light and die to bring life.
Those who first came to see the messiah could not fully understand what his life would mean. Mary herself thought deeply about the little boy she had delivered. The message of the angel had been clear, still there was much to understand. When he was older, magi came and brought gifts fit for a king, but they could not know that this baby deserved even more.
For us, on this side of history, we know so much more than they did. For many of us, the story of the baby born to die, has led us to life and hope. We have believed his message and have placed our faith in Him. We see Jesus as the greatest gift ever given. God Himself came near and paid our debt.
He wiped clean the slate of justice that stood against us. So, what will our gift be in return?
For some of us, this Christmas season is the perfect opportunity to give him the gift of ourselves for the first time. There is no time like today to repent of our sin and place our hope in Jesus, declaring that He is our Passover lamb who takes our sins away and makes us right with God. For the rest of us, we too have a gift to give. Much like the first time we placed our faith in the baby in Bethlehem, we can give gifts fit for the King of King. We can give our time, talent, and treasure. We can give our all. We can move from believer to disciple. We can move from wherever we are towards Jesus.
This season, the greatest gift you can offer is more. More of who you are: more trust, more obedience, more faith, more surrender, more everything. So, as you celebrate the season and the Savior, don’t forget to give Him the gift He most wants and deserves – You.

Pastor Evan

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