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Let Us Pray

                Prayer is a powerful and visible part of the human experience. You can easily find pictures of thousands of Muslims praying at the Kaaba in Saudi Arabia, you can find pictures of Buddhist monks praying in seated silence high in the mountains of Tibet, and you can find any number of sports teams huddled together for a pre-game ritual of reciting the Lord’s Prayer. All of these are meaningless.

                Prayer is the opportunity to communicate with the creator of the universe. The one true God of the Bible. He is the only God, full of power and glory and love. So it is a great blessing and privilege to be able to come directly to him in prayer. We know that unlike those who pray to false gods of religion or who treat prayer as a good luck charm, we have an audience with the One who made us and who desires for us to know him.

Prayer is intimacy. It is making ourselves vulnerable, declaring our dependency on someone other than ourselves, crying out in anguished suffering, and shouting out in joyful praise. It is humanity touching the divine and experiencing the divine touch of peace, joy, love, and healing. Prayer is
life-giving, will strengthening, faith lifting and world changing.

Then why is it that we fail to pray? Studies report that even our leaders pray on average about 5 min per day. Why is it that we who know God most, speak with him so little? Prayer changes things. James 5 tells us that prayer is powerful and effective to bring about the will of God. Jesus made prayer a regular daily occurrence, stepping away from people for focused time to communicate with the Father.
We have been given a great gift. We know the benefits and have seen it modeled well. So then,
as a people, as the Church, as those who know the real meaning and purpose of prayer: Let us pray!

Pastor Evan

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