Engage Community Church

Month: March 2018

Have You Heard The Real Easter Story?

We’ve always known there was more to Easter than bunnies and candy, but what exactly?

Why do people celebrate a man’s death on a cross?

And what does that have to do with us?

At Engage Community Church, we want you to know the real story because Easter had the power to transform our lives!

This Easter, join us for a look back at the origin of this holiday and at a moment that changed the world!

Join us for Good Friday and Easter Celebrations!

Good Friday: March 30 at 6 p.m.
Easter Sunday: April 1 at 10 a.m.


Jesus: “The Suffering Servant”

Isaiah 52:13 – 53:12

As we approach the Easter season, let’s take some time to focus on what the Cross and Resurrection really mean. One great way to do that is to read about them in each of the four Gospels. We encourage you to take some time each week to read and meditate on the greatest story ever told!

Another valuable way is to meditate on Isaiah’s prophecy about “The Suffering Servant,” which we know today is Jesus. In this passage, written about 750 years before Jesus, we see a depiction that is very different from many modern portrayals of Jesus. Instead of seeing a handsome, long haired man with a beautiful smile, Isaiah tells us “there was nothing beautiful or majestic about His appearance, nothing to attract us to Him.”

Isaiah tells us He would be “despised and rejected.” He then goes on to tell us in excruciating detail how “The Suffering Servant” would be tortured and killed. We read about Him being pierced and crushed and beaten and whipped. All of this was centuries before Crucifixion was even invented.

This is the “what” of The Suffering Servant. Isaiah also tells us the “why.” The Messiah does not appear in the flesh to simply give us a moral example or to show us what sacrificial love looks like. Instead, the “why” is so much greater. When Jesus bears sickness and pain, it is to carry it for us (v. 4, 11, 12). When He is crushed and pierced, it is on our behalf, we who have transgressed the Law of God (v. 5). All of the punishment that the Savior endured is on our behalf.   We are the ones who have committed the atrocities that punishment is doled out upon “The Suffering Savior.”

In verse 6 we find the phrase “the iniquity of us all.” The word “iniquity” may sound old and religious to our ears. It is both of these. In the Hebrew language, it means moral evil or perversity. Jesus arrives on Earth to gladly and willingly suffer the punishment due to us for our rebellion so that we can be reconciled to our perfect God.

These are the “what” and the “why” of our Suffering Servant. As Easter approaches, let us meditate on our own sin, the great love of God, the sacrifice of Jesus, and the power of His Resurrection!

– Pastor Dale

Engage in Prayer and Fasting (March 4-31)

Our Church will be Engaging in the wonderful Spiritual Discipline of Prayer and Fasting during the four weeks leading up to Easter Sunday! We encourage you to set aside certain meals or days each week to come before the LORD in Prayer and Fasting.

As with all times of Prayer and Fasting, we begin with a time of Confession and seek God for direction in our personal relationship with Him. Then we are asking that we focus our times on asking God to pour out His blessings on our Outreach Ministries.

Please join us as we bow our hearts and minds before the LORD and seek His Blessings and Direction for this crucial aspect of our Church’s Purpose. We are confident God will draw people to each of us who are Spiritually Receptive to the Gospel.

If you have any questions about Prayer and Fasting, please listen to the sermon below (or download it to listen on your mobile device), watch the video, or contact Pastor Dale.

We can’t wait to see and hear all that God does as we approach the celebration of our risen LORD!