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Life is a journey, and like most journeys, it can be exhausting or exhilarating. We prefer exhilarating.

At Engage Community Church, we believe that begins through a personal relationship with God. It continues as we find belonging with God and others on the same journey, and we become what God created us to be.

You see God wants us to be more: more than believers, he wants us to be lovers. Love God, love others and make lovers—that’s what we’re about. Come see for yourself.

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Marks of Discipleship
Marks of Discipleship

At Engage Community Church we believe every Christian can benefit from actively participating in each of the marks of discipleship of our faith.

  1. Quiet Time/Devotional
  2. Worship
  3. Journey Group (small group)
  4. Service

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About Us
About Us

Learn more about Engage Community Church – who we are and what we believe.

About Us

Service Opportunities
Service Opportunities

We believe that everyone should be serving actively. Find out more about opportunities to serve her at Engage Community Church and outside our church.

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God Is … With Us

Have you ever felt like God was nowhere to be found? Check out how we can know that God is with us, and how that makes all the difference in how we live our lives.

God Is … Love

What is genuine love? What does it actually look like? Pastor Dale examines those questions as we revisit our God Is … message series.

Elisabeth Elliot

She’s been called the most influential Christian woman of the 20th century. Find out why as we wrap up our modern Navigators message series.

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