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Life is a journey, and like most journeys, it can be exhausting or exhilarating. We prefer exhilarating.

At Engage Community Church, we believe that begins through a personal relationship with God. It continues as we find belonging with God and others on the same journey, and we become what God created us to be.

You see God wants us to be more: more than believers, he wants us to be lovers. Love God, love others and make lovers—that’s what we’re about. Come see for yourself.

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Marks of Discipleship
Marks of Discipleship

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The 4 Marks of A Disciple:

At Engage Community Church, we believe that every follower of Jesus is a disciple. As disciples, there are ways in which we take on ourselves the yoke of our Master. These are ways and practices of living on mission with Christ. They place us at the feet of Jesus and position us for transformation and empowerment by the hand of the Holy Spirit to complete the mission of making disciples of all people. These marks continue the work of God to bring us to life in Christ, because love.

  1. Quiet Time/Devotional – We believe that disciples of Jesus will spend time daily in relationship with Him. As well as being mindful of him throughout our days, we will set aside regular and focused time for conversation with Him. This includes praying, listening, reading and thinking on God’s Word. Jesus modeled this for us as he often withdrew to pray and be fed by His Father. We too desire to be united with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as we prioritize our relationship with Him in these times.
  2. Worship – We believe that following Christ is not meant to be a solely personal experience. From the time of the Old Testament through the New Testament Church, until now, our faith is most fully and primarily experienced in community with other believers. As disciples of Jesus, we commit to regular, faithful attendance at worship gatherings. This gives us encouragement and accountability as we learn and grow together. Jesus modeled this as scripture tells us that attending the synagogue was “his custom.” Further, the early church in Acts and beyond spent regular weekly time together in worship, observing communion, and the teaching of the Word.
  3. Journey Group (small group) – While meeting in a weekly worship gathering is fundamental to be a disciple of Jesus, there is also more to be experienced in relationships with other believers that a one-time weekly gathering cannot foster. For this reason, we believe that a follower of Jesus will be in regular close community with other believers throughout their everyday lives. Jesus often met with his disciples away from the crowd in order to discuss the Kingdom and to enjoy the journey together. Likewise, we believe that being a part of a Journey Group is integral to the growth of a disciple as it provides an opportunity for deeper friendships, accountability, support, encouragement, and learning as we walk together with Christ.
  4. Service – Ultimately, a disciple is a servant. A disciple will be on the mission of Christ, to make disciples and to love people as Jesus does. For this reason, a disciple will give generously and sacrificially of their time, talents, and treasure, to carry out the mission of Christ personally, locally and globally. They will find their role in the local church and serve well. They will look for opportunities and join in the efforts of Engage to reach out to the community. They will seek ways they can be a part of the mission of God globally.God has called us, Jesus has redeemed us, and the Holy Spirit has equipped us to serve in the mission of bringing people to life in Christ, because love. As followers of our Master, this will be the chief priority of our lives.
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                You already know how. The truth is, all of us know how to share Christ with someone else. We are all evangelists. The question is, what are we evangelists of? Some of us are evangelists of a new trend we are enjoying, maybe a new weight loss product or workout regimen. For others, it is a favorite sport or past time. We spread the news about our favorite team, or maybe our kids, or our chosen political party or candidate. Evangelism is simply sharing a message. That’s what the word means.

                We are all really good at talking about ourselves. We readily share what makes us happy, what makes us tick, or what makes us angry. We feel no tension in revealing to others a myriad of topics. We can’t wait at times to relay the newest and most exciting thing we’ve experienced. So, why are we so hesitant to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others? Why do we feel we need some type of training, or system, or degree?

1)      FEAR: Let’s be honest. Most of the time we are afraid of being rejected or viewed as a fanatic. We don’t share that fear when it comes to promoting essential oils, or protein shakes, or restaurant deals. Why? Because those things made a felt difference in our lives and we want others to benefit. So why should we be ashamed or shy about sharing the difference Jesus has made in our lives?

2)      PRESSURE: People don’t want to hear it, right? Faith is supposed to be personal. You do what’s right for you. This only goes as far as a political stance, or if you heard “Laurel” or “Yanny”, or if toilet paper should roll over or under. Why should we be worried about offending people with the Gospel when we are not nearly concerned about doing so in areas that don’t matter one bit? The Gospel is never to be kept personal.

3)      EXPERTISE: This is a big one. We worry we will mess it up. We might not say the right thing, we might get it wrong. There are two things here – Share what you know and learn what you don’t. This is true of every pursuit of your life. It is never an issue when talking about any other area of our lives. It is always okay to say, “I don’t know”, or “Let’s find out together”. Be encouraged. Jesus promises us that the Holy Spirit will give us the words to say when we need them.

4)      SILENT WITNESS: Many people ascribe to, “Share the gospel, and if necessary, use words.” That sounds good, but it’s often a copout. The truth is words are ALWAYS necessary. How will people ever know what Jesus has done for them unless you tell them? Otherwise, they might think you’re just a nice person.

The reality is that we do not share Christ, because it is uncomfortable. The enemy will give us any number of justifications, fears, alternatives, and excuses we need. He does not want people to find the hope, peace, joy, forgiveness, freedom, and eternal life that Jesus provides. Stop listening to him.

There is one other possibility. It may be that you can’t share what you haven’t experienced. Perhaps you have never actually trusted Christ to save you. Maybe you’ve even grown up in or joined a church, but you have not been and are not continually being converted. You cannot share what you don’t know. If that is you, I would encourage you to trust Jesus today. I would love to talk with you about who Jesus is and what he has done for you. It will change your life.

Pastor Evan

In Search of Discipleship

                Discipleship is a peculiar word. While it is common in the realm of the Church, it is not easy to pin down. If you were to ask ten different people to explain discipleship, you could very well end up with ten different explanations. This is problematic.
                The job of the Church, according to Jesus, is to make disciples. He gives some specific items for us to do regarding this: baptizing and teaching. This seems simple enough until you look at the actual structure of the sentence that we read in Matthew 28. Jesus says, “Make disciples…” and we are to baptize and teach those disciples. Clearly there is more to the equation.  Baptism and teaching are not a two-point checklist to completion of the job, they are parts of the job.
                The Church struggles to stay on mission. In my experience consulting churches who are attempting to revitalizing and refocusing their ministries, it was common to find clarity on the fact that we are to make disciples. What was rarely found was an understanding of how to do it. Commonly, there was the idea of more classes and more tasks, as if one more Sunday school class or a Bible reading plan was the key to discipleship. Often those who affirmed the Great Commission had no plan or process to achieve it.
                There is a possibility that your own discipleship has been stunted. Perhaps you find yourself frustrated and wondering if there is something more. Perhaps you are happy that following Jesus is an important part of your life, and rarely requires much of you. Perhaps you have checked all the boxes on church membership and feel a sense of accomplishment. Any of the three of these reveals that you have not yet understood what it is to be a disciple of Jesus.
                Here at Engage, we say we exist to bring people to life in Christ, because love. This is simply the way we describe the mission of God to make disciples. This year, we will be working to move forward in that pursuit. We will be developing our process to make sure we are on mission. It starts with defining what a disciple even is. As we start a new year, I hope that you will join me on this journey towards Christ and the life he desires for each of us.

Pastor Evan